Five Beverage Appliances to Complete Your Kitchen

With so many kitchen appliances available, there really isn’t anything you can’t do in your kitchen. While that certainly applies to cooking, the same is true for enjoying some beverages. Today there are more kitchen countertop appliances to choose from than ever before. From your morning cup of coffee to a nice glass of wine with dinner, there are countertop appliances for just about everything. Here are five beverage appliances you should seriously consider adding to your kitchen.

Coffee Makers

Just about half of Americans drink coffee, so chances are you or a loved one could benefit from a coffee maker. You might love visiting your favorite coffee shop, but your own coffee maker can save you both time and money. You can set it at night and wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

Espresso Machines

For coffee drinkers who love espresso, having your own machine at home is an absolute must. Espresso machines can get quite expensive, but they’ll pay for themselves over time. Just imagine all the money you’ll save by not needing to visit the coffee shop.


If you want to go a healthier route, a juicer can make a delicious drink that is good for you. A simple juice extractor won’t cost you much money, and a fancier juicer can work wonders. Making your own juice allows you to mix and match flavors without the added sugar in store bought juices.

Soda Makers

Soda is delicious but isn’t the best if you’re trying to watch your calories. An at home soda maker allows you to make your favorite flavors with fewer additives than store bought sodas. You can even make carbonated water and flavor it naturally with all your favorite fruit.

Wine Coolers

If you’re a true wine connoisseur, a home wine preservation system might be right for you. Imagine being able to keep separate bottles of wine at their own temperatures. You can also keep an open bottle of wine fresh for a whole week.

Quality Countertops in Lakeport

Most homeowners want their countertops to be both beautiful and practical. The beverage appliances listed above can be the perfect complement to brand new kitchen countertops. Blue Water Kitchens & More can help you select the right countertops and cabinets to make your kitchen your favorite room in your home. Give us a call today at (810) 385-8791 for a free consultation.

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