• How Your Kitchen’s Colors Can Affect Your Mood

    Colors affect us every day and can easily influence our mood. It’s important to consider not only a how a color looks, but how it makes you feel when painting your kitchen’s walls, cabinets, and countertops. Choosing which colors to paint your kitchen and dining is room is often overlooked when trying to design your ideal home. Colors affect us every day and can easily influence our mood. It’s important to consider not only a how a color looks, but how it makes you feel when painting your kitchen’s walls, cabinets, and countertops.

    Each room in your home can use different colors to convey the emotions best suited to them. Color won’t impact two people the exact same way, but you can use these guidelines to get a general sense of the way each color can make you feel emotionally.

    • Blue – Blue is the most common and most popular color in the world. It’s all around us and is the color of the seas and the sky. Blue has been known to have a calming and relaxing effect, especially in soft shades.
    • Green – Green is associated with life itself and represents rebirth and newness. Try green in the kitchen where it can help cool down the feeling of the room. In the dining room, it can stimulate conversation and a fun and whimsical nature.
    • Red – Red evokes powerful emotions including love and hate. It has been known to raise energy levels and promote adrenaline and excitement. Red can draw people together and stimulate conversation, which can make it a good color for a dining room.
    • Purple – The color purple is associated with power, passion, and sorrow. It is a rich color which evokes drama, creativity, and luxury. You may want to avoid too much purple in the kitchen, but it can inspire creativity in small doses.
    • Yellow – Yellow has come to be associated with higher powers, partly thanks to being linked to the sun. Yellow can bring feelings of innocent happiness. It can be a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms because it is uplifting and can bring about intellectualism which can be good for dinner conversation.
    • Orange – Warming, uplifting, soft energy, primitive
    • Gray – Solidity, support, neutrality, wisdom, longevity
    • White – Up in the air like clouds, heavenly, pure, innocence, cleanliness
    • Black – A forever color, can be calming, adds a glamorous look
    • Gold – Wealth, luxury, desire, satisfaction, intimacy, the finest
    • Pink – Youthful and joyful or gentle and calm, innocent and playful, femininity
    • Turquoise – Vibrant and spirited, opulence, mysticism
    • Beige – Neutral, draws attention to surrounding colors, forms unions of colors, unchallenging
    • Brown – Security and contentment, cozy, strong, rest and recovery, sheltered

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  • Three Free Apps to Help Design Your Dream Kitchen

    Most homeowners would love a new kitchen, but not everyone can afford to hire a designer to help plan out the kitchen of their dreams. Luckily thanks to technology you don’t need a personal designer to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

    There are plenty of free apps you can use for ideas and inspiration without spending a dime. Instead of searching through multiple apps, try these three ideas which have helped many homeowners design their ideal kitchens.

    Houzz – This popular app has been called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN. Houzz contains more than five million high-resolution home images. You can search images by room or style and also save your favorites.

    Zillow Digs – Zillow is a major player in the online real estate market. Their app Zillow Digs provides estimates on interior projects and also directs you to retailers for those who want to DIY. This app can help you choose a project based on your price range. It also features advice from interior designers and has a social media platform to share your designs or follow other users.

    Kitchen Decoration Ideas – This app allows you to browse through a wide variety of kitchen photos for ideas and inspiration. It allows you to save and share kitchen photos. This app’s name tells you exactly what it provides – decoration ideas for kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

    Design Your Dream Kitchen in Michigan

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