Cool Kitchen Cabinet Innovations You Have to See to Believe

At first, you might not think of kitchen cabinets as being anything more than a place to store kitchenware. One of the most important parts of any kitchen remains that all-important cabinet space. If you don’t have enough cabinets and drawers it can be frustrating trying to find a place to put everything you need.

Cabinets are now being built for functionality as well as a place to keep your kitchen items. Check out a couple of the latest innovations in kitchen cabinet technology from Diamond Cabinets.

Toekick Vacuum Cabinet

This innovative new solution will eliminate the need for dirty dustpans in the kitchen. Simply tap the switch with your foot to activate the vacuum, no bending is required. Cleaning up small debris on your kitchen floor can be quick and easy.

Sweep the litter towards the vacuum and it will draw in the debris and store it in a disposable bag which can be replaced as needed. The vacuum can be located on the front or side of your cabinet and is available in both white and stainless steel faceplates.

PowerGlide Compact Cabinet Drawer Outlet

Now you can power up your devices without having to clutter up your kitchen countertops or leaving them plugged in in another room. Imagine having a 120V outlet at the back of your cabinet drawer for whatever you need to plug in. The outlet features three prong receptacles as well as a pair of USB ports.

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