Fall Kitchen Color Trends

While kitchen color trends change over time, the fact remains that kitchens serve as a gathering place for families. Whether you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen or only use it more casually, you’ll surely want it to look good and feel welcoming. The colors you choose for your kitchen can go a long way in determining the way the room makes you feel.

Many appliances are black or white which allows homeowners to add splashes of color in other ways such as paint or kitchen décor. Recent trends include darker cabinet colors and bold colors that can complement stainless steel. That means colors like copper, ginger, and gold are becoming more popular.

Many people are choosing to mix and match bold colors in their kitchens and not just go with one look. It’s becoming less uncommon to see bold countertop choices such as fire engine red. Other homeowners prefer more subtle colors to create a soothing atmosphere in their kitchens. Popular warm colors include yellows, reds, and apricot.

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