How to Stick to Your 2018 Health Resolutions

We all know that sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be pretty difficult. Many resolutions made every year are centered around topics related to health and fitness. Whether it’s losing weight, exercising, or eating healthier, nearly half of people who make resolutions have at least one health related goal. Here are some ways you can stick to your 2018 resolutions.

Break Down Your Goals

Instead of a difficult goal to achieve such as losing 50 pounds, break your goals down into smaller and more attainable ones. If your goal is to exercise more, don’t plan on going to the gym for an hour every single day or you’ll never start. Start off by walking for 15 minutes a day and hopefully by the end of the year you’ll be in the gym every day or at least exercising more regularly.

Be Specific

Rather than saying you resolve to be healthier, come up with more specific goals. For example, instead of saying you want to eat better, resolve to replace unhealthy processed foods with fresh, plant-based options. Get even more specific by making a shopping list and sticking to it.

Stay Accountable

It’s a lot easier to accomplish any goal when you have someone working on a similar goal or at least someone who knows about yours and wants to help keep you accountable. Whether it’s one person or a group such as a workout class or co-workers who want to eat healthier lunches, this tip can really motivate you.

Focus on Progress

Take time to re-examine your goals and see how you are doing along the way. If you slip up here or there don’t abandon your goals but just try harder to get back on track. Even if you make slight improvements to your daily habits you are at least getting a little bit healthier along the way.

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