At-Home Valentine’s Dinner Date Ideas

Few things are more cliche on Valentine’s Day than chocolates, roses and going out to eat. While these traditions are all well and good, you might want to shake things up a bit. Perhaps you and your significant other have such busy lifestyles that you barely ever enjoy a relaxing evening at home together. Set aside February 14 as the day to slow down and keep the home-fire burning for once. These at-home Valentine’s dinner date ideas will make the evening extra special.

Make Heart-Shaped Food and Love-Themed Drinks

Whether you routinely serve home-cooked meals or not, make sure your Valentine’s dinner stands out by planning dishes that allude to this day of love. Heart-shaped food is extra fun and may include pizza, stuffed pasta, pancakes, waffles or sandwiches. Heart-shaped plates and bowls add to the theme.

Make your drinks festive as well. Since you’re staying in, there’s no need for a designated driver. Cocktails with fresh cherries or strawberries, cranberry juice or grenadine lend a red hue to your drinks that make them worthy of your Valentine’s dinner date.

Have an Indoor Picnic

After the meal is prepared, skip the dining room table and move straight to the living room floor. Spread out a blanket, bring some pillows over and set a vase of flowers nearby to lend their fresh aroma to your indoor picnic. There’s something innocent and simple about eating on the floor that will take you both back to your dating days.

Eat by Candlelight

Whether you jump on the indoor picnic idea or opt for a traditional meal at the table, nothing says romance like a candlelit dinner. Dim the lights and spend the entire evening gazing into each other’s eyes by the light of flickering candles. Add to the atmosphere even more with some romantic music playing in the background.

Bake Dessert Together

Valentine’s dessert is just as important as dinner, and making sugar cookies together can quickly become a romantic affair. Keep to the theme with heart-shaped cookie cutters and pink and red frosting.

Not a huge fan of sugar cookies? You could also bake strawberry muffins, red velvet cake, macaroons, chocolate truffles or any other favorite dessert. The point is to bake them with your significant other and enjoy spending the time together.

Your at-home Valentine’s dinner date is bound to be more fun and romantic if your kitchen is equipped with everything you need to cook, bake and eat in comfort. When you’re ready to make improvements to your kitchen and other parts of your home, please contact Blue Water Kitchens & More at (810) 958 – 3193. We install cabinetry , countertops and so much more!