Kitchen Essentials Every Chef Should Have

Have you ever decided against making a new recipe because it called for a gadget you don’t own? Some kitchen tools are superfluous while others are essentials no chef should live without. Here are the items to ensure you have in your cooking arsenal.

Sharp Knife Set

There’s nothing worse than squishing a ripe tomato or smashing a loaf of bread with a dull knife. Invest in a set of high-quality stainless steel or ceramic knives you can use for everything from slicing an apple to dicing fresh parsley to butterflying a chicken breast.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cheap pots and pans don’t belong in a chef’s kitchen. Along with the widely adopted nonstick cookware, you should also invest in a cast iron skillet. This can cook at high temperatures and retain its heat for a long time. It’s even oven-safe, making it perfect for cornbread or peach cobbler. The rustic good looks of a cast iron skillet allow you to transfer it straight from the stove to the tabletop – on a protective trivet, of course.

Slow Cooker

Meats are juicier, soups more flavorful and vegetables more tender when you cook them slowly at a low temperature. With a slow cooker, you throw in your ingredients several hours before dinner and enjoy the tantalizing aroma all afternoon. Then, you get to enjoy a hot meal come dinnertime, even on the busiest of days.

Countertop Grill

With a small electric indoor grill, burgers can be more than just a summertime food. Plus, versatile countertop grills let you cook fish, chicken, veggies, Panini sandwiches and more in mere minutes.

Food Processor

If you plan to make sauces or dips from scratch, you need a quality food processor. This versatile kitchen essential also shreds lettuce and cabbage with ease, turns dried bread into breadcrumbs and crushes graham crackers for the perfect pie crust.

Instant-Read Thermometer

If you plan to make a pot roast or Thanksgiving turkey, this gadget is a must! After all, meat must be cooked to the proper temperature before serving: 140 degrees F for steak, 145 degrees F for ham and 165 degrees F for poultry. Stick your meat with an instant-read thermometer to take the guesswork out of safe meat preparation.

Immersion Blender

A whisk can only get you so far. Take your cooking to the next level with an immersion blender. This nifty tool can blend single-serve smoothies and milkshakes on the go, mix up pancake and waffle batter, and beat fluffy eggs for an omelet or frittata. It’s compact, versatile and easy to use.

Along with having the right kitchen essentials, every chef needs ample counter and storage space and a well-designed kitchen to work in. Do you wish this part of your home was more functional and beautiful? When you’re ready to discover your new kitchen, please contact Blue Water Kitchens & More at (810) 958 – 3193. We install cabinetry , countertops and so much more!